Yoga Nidra is a 4000 year old practice that leads to an enhanced state of consciousness.  It involves a systematic rotation of consciousness and a mindfulness of the body. Practicing Yoga Nidra with an advanced practitioner can change your life positively.  Advanced Yoga Nidra assists in purifying layers of consciousness. You are actively involved as you plant your own seeds of desire deep into the “fertile soil” of your own unconscious mind.” This can help relieve stress and anxiety.  It is such a powerful technique that it has been used as a psychotherapeutic technique to treat PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The essence of this practice is to fully integrate body awareness both as an experiencer and as an observer of one’s body to integrate the body hemispherically and completely.  This practice of body awareness leads to greater receptivity to an integrated wholeness.   An Integrated Wholeness once it takes root in one’s life creates a powerful vibe that is in tune not only with one’s self, purpose, vitality but also with the world around oneself.    

Integral to the practice is what is known as Sankalpa which is the planting of a seed.  The seed is planted deeply and is nourished by the subsequent Yoga Nidra practice which combines profound body mind awareness with creative visualization.  In order for the Yoga Nidra practice to really take root, it is important that the patient, client or practitioner be faithful in the practice.

In this practice one is consciously dictating awareness and this in and of itself is very connecting.  Once we have a person connected to himself the level of functioning is enhanced.  Hence, this integration of the body with the mind is profoundly transformative and the seed (Sankalpa = positive affirmations) that has been planted is part of the person’s “new wiring.”  This process helps to create, enhanced awareness, enhanced confidence and the emergence of a multi dimensional human being with greater inner strength and conviction.

The other part of the Yoga Nidra process is creative visualization. This is a technique that purifies layers of consciousness and enhances sensory awareness of the environment.  It fosters creativity and helps one to have a vivid imagination.

The combination balancing the body hemispherically and of creative vision enhances the creative ability of the participant and brings depth and beauty and clarity to address positive change in one’s life.   This process has so many applications including creative learning, healthy body image, addictions… There are many focused and specific Yoga Nidra processes that I have developed to help people come into their power and to implement positive change in their lives.