According to US  government  statistics  Bullying is  very prevalent and may effect 1 out of  3  children.  In dealing with the Bully we are often dealing with issues of anger.  This problem seems to be most prevalent in middle school at an age when a child may be  dealing with many issues including hormonal issues.

If a child regularly exhibits defiant and angry behavior either in the home environment or at school  this balancing and  centering program  may  help make a significant difference in the offending child’s way of being in the world and interacting with  siblings, other children and most important his or her own self image.

The program emphasizes Self forgiveness,  Embracing Courage and Strength and Experiencing kindness.

The program can also be useful for a parent who is exasperated in dealing with their child,  and needs to regain self control and a feeling of internal strength and compassion and kindness for their errant child.

This Yoga Nidra based therapy does not purport to get to the root  causes of the anger but the program will  help to  diffuse the anger,  and to  create balance and help  empower the person to view themselves in more constructive ways.  The program works  if used daily  and it is recommended that the kindness program be used as an adjunct program to this program.  In this program the child is taught to use the powerful healing tool of releasing anger and self forgiveness and the next part of the practice helps the child embrace courage and strength as a more acceptable  way of being in the world.

This therapy which is based on 4000 year old Yoga methodologies and some methods from  NLP (neuro lingusitic programming) works as an adjunct therapy or standalone therapy with additional counseling to help children who are aggressive, oppositional, bullies or children who have rage or anger issues. This process helps children to deal with their aggressive instincts, and thru this process and NLP the client chooses to create a more constructive and humanistic identity.

The process also  utilizes Yogic body awareness and consciousness of  the breath  as an integrative procedure fostering self awareness and an experience  of wholeness which contributes  to a sense of connectedness,  well being and  integration.  The process works best when administered daily.  It is highly recommended that the patient listen to the Releasing Anger and Forgiveness  Recording at least 3 times a week and the Empowering Courage and Kindness Recordings each twice weekly.  The program is a powerful program for transformation and the patient,  parents  and family members  as well as school teachers will notice the change in the child.  And  again,  I  encourage parents of a child  dealing with anger issues to also listen to these recordings .

Happy-child-at-schoolThere is also a recording  for the child who has been bullied or traumatized  by another and who is trying to deal with the pain.  The process is identical to the process  that is used to help children with anger issues.  However, the root emotion  is different and it is important to identify the root emotion and feelings that are engendered when that root emotion is triggered.  This is not a process like  hypnosis where the patient is taken back to moments of pain and or trauma and describes feelings and is guided to reorganize the experience,  but rather we are using more symbolic energies as a way of packaging traumas and eradicating them.  There is a rewiring if you will or a reintegration of the person.

In dealing with a  child who is traumatized and feels hurt by a bully or is experiencing other forms  of hurt whether current or past,  we have developed a program to help them identify their emotional issues and the same process  works amazingly well to help the shy, timid or reactive child to utilize forgiveness as a form of healing while strengthening their intention to be strong and courageous in life.

Both programs should be used in conjunction with the heart/kindness meditation which affirms the life long value of embracing kindness as a way of being in the world. And by embracing kindness one opens their life to experiencing joy.  This process is effective and may even be effective as a stand alone treatment.  I welcome the participation of teachers and other professionals  who wish to use this program and also welcome feedback.