NLP can help turn your C Student into an A student!!

How do people develop that unconscious competence? Musicians have it, athletes have it and students can have it as well. One of the keys is practice or when applied to getting better grades Studying.

Studying has become a lost art and the basic skills of study are good organization, and persistence.

Using NLP techniques and hypnotherapy I can guarantee that your child will start to like school more will want to study, will be more self confident and he or she will get better grades!

I can not guarantee that he or she will be a genius, but I can guarantee in just a few sessions that

your child will be more self motivated to be successful and to have attainable goals.

What are the reasons that people from India are so good at spelling and have won most of the US spelling bees over the last 20 years?

It is because in their main languages Hindi and Tamil they usually speak 300-350 words per minute.

English speaking people when they speak usually speak 150-220 words.

In our schools kids were taught to read using phonetics:   ” Johnny sound that word out”

Indian children are taught to visualize words and in visualizing words can often spell them with ease backwards and forwards.

One of the techniques I use in NLP is to teach kids to visualize boldly.

Just the act of doing this in spelling and reading can accelerate learning, remembering and is a life changing and fun technique to have in one’s persona l toolbox.

If you would like to have your “C” student become an ” A” or “B” student give me a call!

In just one session you will see Results!