Me  Waterfall RappellingHow often do we hear from others ” Be Present.” This concept may have originated with Eckhardt Tolle, but it is very applicable to having the ability to enjoy and appreciate our lives. If you are looking for Love or wanting to deepen your relationships then it is time to release the toxic emotions of the past that are keeping you from being fully present. The process is simple, and usually great strides are made within just a few sessions.

The truth is we do repeat the same inappropriate patterns and often we are acting unconsciously because of repressed childhood memories. If we are truly present then we are not reliving or rethinking events on a continuous circuit that are energy draining. To have greater presence which contributes to every aspect of our daily lives, it is important to let go of events and experiences from our pasts that lurk in the recesses of our subconscious minds.

If you could really let go of those stuck emotions of anger, the hurt and the sadness… perhaps feelings of loneliness or abandonment don’t you feel that it would be freeing and like a weight off your shoulders? If you feel that it is time to free yourself from emotional pain and suffering, so that you may embrace the reality of yourself as a conscious creative powerful loving human being on the path to enlightenment then perhaps a ” Success Session with Suzy” is the kind of powerful tune-up you need so that you can feel on top of your emotions and not a victim of them.

Would you like some help to reconnect with your personal power, so that you can accelerate your growth into a loving , wise and centered conscious being? Are you ready to shed negative and self limiting beliefs and embrace the strength of who you are to realize your full potential? You may have experienced hurt or even abuse in the past and in order for you to be healthy and whole, it is time to look at those incidents that are rooted in the past and to let go of the trauma and charge that is there.

Thru a combination of heart centered age regression and an integration of subconscious and new conscious conclusions, you can release those old wounds that are holding you back.

Usually a client requires three to six sessions to experience positive and dynamic change in their lives. Results are Guaranteed.