Suzy, I thought I knew how to Help myself. I work out, I do self improvement things, I’ve lost weight, but until I opened my time and my heart and my belief that there was something I never found before I thought they had it all.  And then you said to me, “I’ll teach you one more thing, and you’re not going to believe it”.  And you know what, Suzy I can’t believe the change in my life. You have taught me your meditation process, your body awareness, breathing, these techniques where or I can go to places where I’ve never been before.  I can find peace that I’ve never known before, and I can find rejuvenation that I’ve never experienced before. So Suzy, you have a loyal admirer And a permanent student in this woman. I’m so glad that you giving me this opportunity in my life because I think I am forever changed. Thank you, Suzy!

Sheila Cohen

Suzy, you did a great job training me on how to meditate, but more importantly how to create positive affirmations in my mind. And, I can easily remember it and I feel very rested and relaxed as a result of it thank you.

Stephen Hall

I’ve gotten to know Suzy in just one sitting with her.  After having a session with Suzy she called it meditation but i felt absolutely relaxed.  I actually think I dozed off in the process, but I tell you, with her system, with her process if you want to relax just like that, this is a system that works. I’ve never done that before this was my first time, and Suzy you are somebody that I would trust.

Rolando Estrabillo

I am a mom of 6 and I run a lot of businesses. The 20 minutes I spent with Suzy was the most peaceful experience I’ve had in a really long time.  I see that if I take what she taught me, and  did that daily, oh my gosh. I would be so grounded and peaceful in my life, and that means a lot to me.

Allyse Estrabillo

The process that you did with me the other day, I don’t ever remember in any of my processes of being so thoroughly relaxed and at peace. And ready to go to sleep and yet fully energized at the same time. The work that you do is outstanding! I don’t know what you’re doing, I don’t know the mechanics of it but it’s outstanding and thank you for the opportunity to experience it.

Richard Kaye

I did a wonderful relaxation process with Suzy, and honestly  She took me to a new place. Just in terms of relaxing, learning breathing techniques that truly got me in touch with my inner self. But at the same time, really calmed me down, and I’m just so grateful to have met her. It just opened up a whole new world for me in terms of my thinking about how I actually have control, and not necessarily be controlled by my environment or my circumstances. So, I’m really grateful to have worked with Suzy, and I’m just looking forward to Learning more.

Cinda Adams

Suzy, as a speaker I’m on the road a lot, and I’m very stressed and sometimes feel like I’m out of alignment. Going through the first process was phenomenal! After going through it I was relaxed. I was inspired. I was energized. And for me, that was really transformational. Now, the second process you took me through was more engaging. It was the same and yet it was different: controlled breathing, focus, I felt inspired, I felt relaxed. I felt if I continue this process long term, that it could not only help me be more clear, it could also help me in my life overall. So, I want to thank you for your process. I enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Mark A. Garrett