New Code NLP developed by John Grinder is a departure from Classic Code NLP co-founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. New Code differs markedly from Classic Code NLP as it relies more on harnessing the resources of the unconscious mind. The New Code practitioner works assiduously to calibrate the physiological responses of the client.

It has been demonstrated that New Code NLP can be very useful in broadening perspectives, accelerating learning and helping a client create congruency in their lives.

Dr. Grinder has taught for years that the content of a client’s challenge is not important.  What is important is the structure within which an undesirable behavior manifests and how to create new choices that are more desirable to move into.

An exciting aspect about coaching clients utilizing New Code NLP techniques is that the  client is actively involved in making more congruent life choices and the New Code games do create verifiable high performance states according to practitioners.  Inherent in New Code NLP is a practice of balancing or rewiring the brain thru games that enhance connectivity and performance.

Certainly the New Code Games such as the Alphabet Game developed by Dr. Grinder increase brain neuroplasticity and this in itself is an exciting aspect of New Code NLP.

NLP has always emphasized sensory experience and how we interpret experiences at First Access which is the pure experience before it is interpreted with language modifications. A skilled NLP practitioner is a good observer of a client and is skilled at using the Meta Model as developed in Classic Code to increase the client’s awareness of how they may code experiences by deleting, distorting and generalizing.

When working with a client and their challenges Dr. Grinder was one of the first to discover that content which is worked ad-nausea in traditional “talk therapies” is rather irrelevant in NLP and especially in delivering high performance in New Code NLP.

This is not to dismiss the emotional havoc that our past experiences can have on the individual.  The NLP approach is to deal with past memories that carry emotional charge more metaphorically and in a disassociated sense.

I have observed and am thus convinced of the potential for radical change that is empowering and that this can happen absent most content. However, there is a place in NLP for seeing or acknowledging a content either thru metaphor or thru accessing memories and using perceptual positions to change outcomes or to reduce charge on past life events. Also Hypnotherapy and compassionate age regression is a powerful tool that many NLP therapists use in treatment protocols.

The recent training’s I have had in NLP New Code allowed me to apply principles to myself and life situations.  I am delighted to be bringing New Code NLP protocols including New Code Games to the Boulder area.

This methodology is appropriate for any individual including kids to help that individual achieve more congruence within themselves and to help the individual create clear choices in their lives that they may not have had before.

I will continue to use Classic Code Patterns and hypnotherapy in my work, so that I can help others create new choices and outcomes in their personal lives.

I am available for speaking on NLP NEW CODE NLP, the use of Hypnotherapy combined with NLP to groups, schools or organizations.