The New Psychology of Success

mindsetSince I am fascinated by how people learn and strategies to stimulate both the ardor and capacity to learn, I decided to read acclaimed Stanford University Psychologist Carol Dweck’s highly regarded book.

Her thesis is that basically there are two types of mindsets: a Fixed mindset and a Growth mindset. Those with a Growth Mindset create excellence for themselves by cultivating abilities thru diligence and persistence.  She points out that to be an excellent baseball player takes hours and hours of practice, and cultivating a student should be no different.

She shows how these two mindsets function in every aspect of one’s life whether it be professional, personal, intellectual or educational and gives numerous examples to illustrate the two mindsets and logical consequences engendered from each.

I thought the book was fascinating and would highly recommend it to a teacher, a parent, an educator or anyone who wishes to persist in creating anything in their life whether it is following a vocational or an artistic dream.

The book challenges the reader to challenge herself and to persist in working toward meaningful goals.

The book also shows how the fixed mindset interferes with relationship processes.

I think everyone and anyone can benefit from reading this book.