It was June of 1976 and I had been visiting friends who had a pepper farm south of Syracuse where I lived.  We were in the fields picking large green peppers when all of a sudden there were big thunderheads moving quickly toward us, and so all six of us started back to the farm house.  The group was sitting on the large porch which had a big roof overhang watching the storm, and I decided to go inside the farm house to call my mother.  The phone was an old fashioned metal dial phone and it was wired awkwardly to the tar paper roof.  I had never heard not to talk on a phone during a storm and that point was noted often after the fact of my real life encounter with lightning.

Lightning is quick and paralyzing.  That was my cognition!  Suddenly lightning traveled thru the phone line and then within a fractional moment my body was falling paralyzed to the floor and adjacent to the washer and dryer in this farm house.  My brain was functioning and I was paralyzed and I realized with certainty that I could be dead soon as my heart was not beating.

Then the Yoga body awareness practice came into my mind and I could even hear the Swamis voice which became my voice:  “Beat oh my heart” Beat oh my heart”…   I repeated that exactly in my mind like a mantra in my mind…. bringing my full consciousness to my heart…I felt a beat and then another. my heart started beating and I was in gratitude.  I could feel that my eyes were watering. I was crying.  I lay there on that floor feeling life coming back I lay there for quite a while before finally someone found me and I was taken to a local clinic.

Let me teach you this simple body awareness and relaxation technique that saved my life and I am sure you will find it useful in yours.