In the Experiential approach to therapy self awareness is a never ending and a joyous journey. And sometimes the easiest and most direct way to uncover who we truly are at our core is to evoke the connection to our Angels, or  avatars or the Wise Parent figure that lies within.or to call upon the superhero archetype that is other worldly and yet whose qualities are attainable and transferable.

In the West we prefer to think of our personal  journey toward self enlightenment as a conscious journey toward self awareness.  The process may not acknowledge spiritual growth as an end result but may be fueled intellectually and by dipping into the unconscious mind.  Many are turning to hypnotherapy and incorporating NLP – a form of structured brain engineering to remodel themselves, to reach goals,  and to become more in tune with their lives.

in the East the journey is often a  process of purification and can be arduous.  From the Raja Yoga and Tantric techniques I prefer Yoga Nidra as a process of transformation which involves a body mind awareness combined with breath techniques and creative visualizations.  Eastern techniques focus on meditation, but  meditation alone is not likely to get you there (wherever  “there”  is)  unless you are fortunate enough to study with a guru literally a “weighty one” who can impart knowledge.  And,  even when one meets the  guru one may or may not be ready.

Whether through meditation or through hypnosis, self hypnosis or Yoga Nidra we are encouraged to enter trance states that in the west we have given Greek names to:  Alpha, Delta and Theta. In these trance states to help our growth, we can connect to the Wise Parent within ourselves or we can connect to an Avatar or angel.  By connecting to a strong archetypal figure we can add strength to our lives and purpose.

Connecting to and strengthening those archetypal energies within us that ennoble us provide an energy and purpose that is exciting and stimulating and constructive.

Whether or not our nature is inherently prayerful or spiritual to cal upon angelic energies have proven to be empowering to so many that skeptics should be curious and the curious should be motivated.

It is in states of meditation, profound relaxation -Alpha or Theta where profound change and personal growth can take place instantaneously and effortlessly.

Sometimes in the processes of  NLP or in hypnotherapy we envision a “Wise Teacher” or the Superhero to attach ourselves to for strength, guidance and for modeling behavior.  By modeling ourselves after the Super hero (or heroine)  we take on their conviction, their mindset, their nobility and their can-do attitude.  Using the Superhero metaphors in NLP can give powerful impetus to anyone and that includes children.

In  NLP  you could be asked to envision a Superhero and take on the persona of a Superhero because you are that!  What are Superheroes?  In the comic books that many of us grew up with Super Heroes were Role Models.  They were larger than life; they wore supercool clothes, saved people, they flew, and then often returned to seemingly normal lives.  In NLP practice we may have the client envision the Superhero or to become the Superhero.

Heroic archetypes have been the bedrock of mythologies since time immemorial and we all resonate to subtle interplay of these archetypes.  It is the therapist’s choice and attunement when working with a client to determine which modality of transformation is most suited to the temperament of the client.

The therapy I provide whether working with adults or children invokes imagination, positive connection and self reverence.

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