Suzy Grossman

Suzy has been teaching Yoga for 40 years, and is a teacher of Yoga Nidra (a 4000 year old practice which is a practice leading to enhanced states of consciousness and personal transformation). Suzy also has a Master Certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and is a certified hypnotherapist.

From Suzy:

My passion is to help as many people as possible experience their inner truth, create a passion for living with clear objectives and goals, and to let go of events, memories or emotions from the past that deter them from creating positive choices and outcomes in their lives.

I have a Masters Certification in NLP-  Neuro Linguistic Programming within which is a toolbox for modelling excellence and creating change and high performance in only a few sessions. Recently I was awarded an International Coaching Certificate in New Code NLP taught by John Grinder, the Co-Founder of NLP.

For  over  40 years  I have been teaching meditation and working with Yoga Nidra to help bring balance and harmony to the body and mind. I have spent hundreds of hours working with  NLP and utilizing hypnotherapy to assist others.

My Areas of Specialty :

  • Anxiety
  • Building Self Confidence
  • Turning Bullies into Good Kids
  • Turbo Charge Memory
  • Addictions Binge Eating
  • Releasing Pain and Anger
  • Help Kids Get Better Grades
  • Goal Setting and Goal Realizing
  • Create More Happiness and Joy
  • Stress Reduction

From 1990-2006 I  was one of the top Realtors in South Florida with Remax:

I retired for a few years  and post retirement decided to become certified in both Hypnotherapy and NLP.

With much self reflection I realized that I had some amazing tools with which I could help others become more integrated and be happier better functioning human beings.

  • Certified Yoga Teacher  Sivananda Yoga 1967
  • Studied Yoga Nidra and Kriya Yoga  Monghyr India  1971-1972
  • Taught Yoga and Meditation Syracuse University Adult Education 1972-1976
  • Taught Meditation and Yoga Jewish Community Centers Syracuse New York 1976-1983

Stock Broker  Tucker Anthony  1985-1992
Realtor  1992  -2006
Retired  2006-2013

BA Syracuse University Psychology.  Studied with James Hillman.

  • August 2013 60 -hour intensive with The Wellness Institute  6 day Hypnotherapy Certification Program including Supervised inductions, age regression and resolving emotional conflicts.
  • Eight week certification program with The American Alliance of Hypnotists.. Certification Granted  2015
  • Studied NLP  with Steve Jones PHD and fulfilled course requirements for Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels.  Certifications received 2015
  • Studied  New Code NLP with John Grinder the original co-founder of NLP.2016 awarded International Coaching Certification
  • Studied Classical NLP techniques with Michael Carroll NLP Academy UK 2016


NLP is the most dynamic process  extant for creating change and for positive goal setting. Usually in four or five sessions the Client can experience lasting change and is able to create choices.  A goal of NLP therapies is to help the client attain a “high performance ”  state.

Utilizing hypnotherapy with a compassionate and well trained therapist can positively produce results that can be not only life changing  and life  affirming  but also long lasting.  Age Regression within hypnotherapy can allow  the client to look at painful moments going back as far as childhood and with gentle guidance from the therapist, the client can frequently release painful emotions and reframe healthier conclusions about themselves.  Often when we were young we told ourselves that we were a certain way, and that model may no longer serve . Hypnotherapy is an adjunct therapy that I will utilize if the client wishes.

Yoga Nidra is a 4000 year old technique that involves deep relaxation and balancing the right and left sides of one’s body.  The process also involves creative visualization to purify the layers of consciousness and to stimulate imagination.  All geniuses access subconscious creative modalities to produce.Yoga Nidra combined with NLP techniques can be powerful for improving memory and building self confidence and creating a passion for never ending improvement, creativity and learning.

In addition to NLP  and Yoga  techniques,  and being a hypnotherapist I am using cues from the client to help them create positive and powerful goals, to release pain from the past and to utilize linguistic tools to better understand their own mindset and behaviors to create thought patterns and behaviors that work.
I have applied all these techniques in my own daily life to be a happier, more compassionate human being, who is able to set realistic and attainable goals. I have testimonials from others that suggest that my work has been helpful to them.

Theoretical Orientation

My Theoretical Orientation is to Empower the Client to function at a level of Higher Performance as an architect of his own destiny using the protocols of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), both Classic Code and New Code NLP along with hypnotherapy.  I also recommend and guide the client using Yoga Nidra Relaxation techniques.  The orientation is to help the client harness and bridge his unconscious mind to use as an ally in creating more conscious choices and achieving a fuller more meaningful life.  Read More

Registered Psychotherapist

Suzy Grossman – Registered Psychotherapist
Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
Division of Professions and Occupations

NLP Master Practitioner

Suzy Grossman is a certified NLP Master Practitioner.


Suzy Grossman is a certified Hypnotist.